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the safari company

Africa for travellers, not tourists

If you would like to experience Africa whilst staying in magnificent little game lodges, a safari tent, a beach villa or exquisite little farmhouses rather than larger hotel chains, The SAFARI Company is right for you.

The SAFARI Company is a small owner run company that prides itself in designing 100% tailored safari & beach holidays throughout Africa whilst staying in little magnificent places, even for the more economical traveller. Our rates are extremely competitive: we are so confident about this, that if you find a lower rate elsewhere, we will match that rate… or offer less.

We use a wide range of accommodation options from adventurous camping & self-catering safari homes to beach villas & luxurious safari lodges; our ability to do this is due to our thorough knowledge of Africa, its places and its accommodations.

How would you like to get from one place to the next? In a 4x4 vehicle with a fully trained guide; flying in a private aircraft; in a helicopter; from the back of a camel or maybe a horse; on a motorbike, a bicycle or a quad bike .. or a bit of everything? The options are many.

We genuinely tailor-make every holiday. If you tell us a little bit about you and what you are looking for, we will design everything to suit you. It is easily possible to combine a wildlife safari with other interests such as the beach, golfing, motorcycling, quad biking, horse riding, camel trekking, walking safaris, cultural experiences, ornithological trips, photographic safaris, charitable safaris .. the list is endless.

All of us at The SAFARI Company have children, ranging from 2 to 27! We KNOW what children want and need on safari. Our family safaris offer you the chance to spend quality time together in the most unique settings, as well as giving you some peace and quiet. You can enjoy with your children or they can enjoy with other children … tracking animals on foot? Making sculptures with termite clay? Fishing? Painting, drawing, sculpting? Visiting a dairy, collecting chicken eggs? A swimming pool! The list is endless, but just to let you know, we understand children!

Our daily challenge is to find magnificent places for you to stay, incredible guides to accompany you & life-changing experiences whilst you travel with us. Our HQ is in Nairobi, Kenya, so our core business is here, but we have no boundaries to our knowledge apart from the outline of Africa! Our Sales & Marketing team has been to every country we promote and well over 1,000 lodges, villas, camps etc. Trust us, honestly we know our stuff ….. talking about knowing our stuff, let us move swiftly onto the authentic professionals; our trusted, wonderful, knowledgeable ‘Safari Guides’. You will always have an excellent driver/guide accompanying you, but if you would like to get the very best possible experience out of your African safari, we highly recommend you take with you, a ‘Professional Guide’, these incredibly knowledgeable people will guide you throughout your safari and believe me they know every animal, bird, historical fact and blade of grass intimately. Honestly the extra cost is worth it! Andrew specialises in fishing safaris, Simon in ornithological safaris, Paul in photographic safaris .. plus many more (i.e. Pete & Alex) that offer incredible overall knowledge.

We are aware that Africa can feel a long way away, on a different planet maybe, so we have someone in your neighbourhood that you can speak to. To find your nearest consultant, please see the consultant map. We can help you in these languages - English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili & Swedish 

"When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money.  Then take half the clothes and twice the money." - Susan Heller