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Flying Doctors


Better Health in Africa. AMREF is committed to Africa and African health. In creating vibrant networks of informed communities that work with embowered health workers in stronger health systems, we aim to ensure every African has access to the good health which is theirs by right.

Flying Doctors' Society of AfricaThe Flying Doctors' Society of Africa
The Flying Doctors Service operated by AMREF is one of the most comprehensive air ambulance services in Africa, evacuating approximately 600 people annually.

Information on Tourist Membership
The Flying Doctors’ Society is the only air ambulance rescue service with its own dedicated permanent professional medics, pilots, intensive care air ambulances, and a radio communication network linked to over 120 stations spread throughout East Africa and manned 24 hours a day.

The Flying Doctors’ Society offers an air ambulance rescue service to tourist members for up to 1,000 km radius from Nairobi's Wilson Airport within Kenya and Northern Tanzania.  This also covers the road transportation in an ambulance from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport to the Nairobi Hospital.

Membership Fees
US$ 15.00 per person    Kenya for up to 15 days
US$ 30.00 per person    Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda for up to 15 days
It is important to note that you will be issued with your membership cards prior to leaving Nairobi on your safari.

Giving Back to the Community Combined with Client Safety
It is The Safari Company’s policy that not only does the membership offer peace of mind but is a magnificent contribution to the extensive community work undertaken by AMREF. Visit www.amref.org

All The Safari Company clients must have membership to the Flying Doctors’ Society whilst on safari and it is imperative that US$15.00 or US$30.00 per person is included in your quotations depending on the length of the safari. 

In case of medical emergency, Flying Doctors will usually be contacted immediately for bush evacuation: The Safari Company insist that everyone has Flying Doctor temporary membership to ensure minimal response time and to avoid delays associated with international insurance cost guarantees.

Please ensure that you also have full medical insurance with international evacuation to cover hospital charges and international medivac costs.

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