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Guidelines for your responsible safari experience

We at The SAFARI Company would like to offer you some guidelines for your responsible safari experience with us:

Local Culture

  • We suggest you learn about the local culture before and during your trip, this will encourage you to show respect to the people and their traditions.
  • Please respect the local people and don’t “steal” a photo against the will of the person concerned.  Let your guide help negotiate terms before you start shooting.
  • Please do not give personal items away to the local people (if we support begging we promote begging).
  • If you have brought gifts to give to the local people, please discuss with your guide, us or your host how to distribute it.
  • If you would like to help in any other way, please discuss with us or your lodge hosts how to support a worthy charity.

Animal Viewing

  • Please remember, the animals you see are wild.
  • We believe that there should not be more than 5 vehicles around an animal at any one time, therefore please accept the decision of your guide to leave an animal if he feels it is becoming overcrowded.
  • Please do not get too close to the animals, this may upset them.
  • Please be as quiet as possible when viewing wildlife.
  • Please do not get out of the vehicle unless given permission by your guide.
  • Please minimize off road driving, this damages our environment.

The Environment

  • Please respect the country’s land, the wildlife and the environment.
  • Please do not litter, even with biodegradable items, they still look nasty.
  • Please do not collect or buy natural items for souvenirs such as shells, bones, fur or feathers, this is illegal, and they all contribute to our eco-system.Television and or Music - Most places and vehicles do not have either. The sounds of the ‘bush’ are so unique we advise against them.


  • Please do not waste water as it’s a precious resource.
“The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it.” - Rudyard Kipling