We will Organise Your Entire African Holiday, whilst Staying in Little Magnificent Places, even for the Economic Traveller.

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    Memories of Adventure

    Image: Paul Joynson-Hicks.
  • activities

    Camel riding to quad biking

    Yoga retreats to outdoor massages,

    Image: Paul Joynson-Hicks.
  • more activities

    Hiking to see gorillas

    walking alongside giraffe,

    Image: Paul Joynson-Hicks.
  • even more

    Kitesurfing to deep sea fishing

    Image: Paul Joynson-Hicks.

Active Safaris

From camel riding to quad biking, yoga retreats to outdoor massages, hiking to see gorillas to walking alongside giraffe, kitesurfing to deep sea fishing – whatever your preferred activity – the adventure awaits….

These are great itineraries and we recommend them highly, but if you would like to do something else, we would be delighted to work with you on an itinerary perfect for you.

All of our Active Safaris

clouds mountain gorilla lodge

(Our 6*) Family Holiday to see The Gorillas, in Uganda

At present the Nkuringo gorilla community consists of 18 gorillas. The habituation of this group ended in 2004 when they opened the group up to tourists.

  • Per Adult USD: 2,177
  • Per Child USD: 1,463

(Our 2-3*) with Friends to see Gorillas in Uganda

A four day safari, to see the gorillas in Uganda

  • Per Adult USD: 2,866


A Luxury Horse Riding Safari in Kenya

Morning ride, walk or game drive at Sangare.

A Golfing Safari in Kenya

Six days on safari with a possible extension on the beach …. whilst staying close to international standard golf courses.

  • Per Adult USD: 2,413

(Our 2-3*) Mt Kenya Climb for a Group of Friends

A five day climb using the Timau Route on Mt Kenya.

  • Per Adult USD: 1,863

(Our 2-3*) Kilimanjaro Climb for a Group of Friends

An eight day climb using the Machame Route on Mt Kilmanjaro, Tanzania.

  • Per Adult USD: 2,031

Preserving Kenya - Your 10-day Ecological, Environmental and Cultural Safari Staying in Intimate (Our 4*) Accommodation

A six day safari with three days on the beach staying at some of the best, yet affordable small lodges and camps in Kenya.

  • Per Adult USD: 4,333

(Our 2-3*) White Water Rafting Trip With Friends to Kenya

A five day trip taking in one of the most adventurous, but affordable white water rafting in Kenya.

  • Per Adult USD: 516

(Our 2-3*) Kite Surfing Holiday in Kenya

Four days instruction at East Africa’s original kite surfing destination.

  • Per Adult USD: 1,326

(Our 4 *) Camel Trekking Safari in Northern Kenya

A four day camel trekking safari in the north of Kenya.

  • Per Adult USD: 3,206

(Our 4*) Dhow Safari in Kenya

A four day sailing safari on one of the most intimate, yet affordable dhows in Kenya.

  • Per Adult USD: 2,567

(Our 4*) Horse Riding Safari in Kenya

Six days on safari staying at some of the best, yet affordable small lodges and camps in Kenya.

  • Per Adult USD: 2,556

(Our 5*) Horse Riding Safari in Kenya

A six day safari staying at luxurious, hosted accommodation in Kenya.

  • Per Adult USD: 5,722
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