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Packing List

Recommended Packing List


NB. Plastic bags are illegal in Kenya. Please do not bring any with you, please bring bags made out of natural products.

A safari isn't fun if you have packed all the wrong stuff, so What to Pack on Safari is key to having a great time! The best advice is to wear layers and come prepared. Kenya is on the equator, so we don't have seasons a such though we do have varying climates and we do have a couple of rainy seasons (the long rains in April, May and the short rains in November). The coastal areas of Kenya, Lakes Victoria & Baringo, Tsavo National Parks and very far north of Kenya are warm in the day (about 30-35°C) and at night (about 20-25°C). The rest of Kenya is generally warm during the day (about 25-30°C) and cool at night and in the early mornings (about 8-15°C). Please remember that you will often be outside on safari, so it is advisable to bring warm clothes for the evenings and early mornings. Much of Kenya is at a very high altitude, so sunhats and sun cream is extremely important, even if it is overcast.

Please note that for all internal airlines, they only accept:
NB. Please alert us if you weigh over 110kgs.
15kg of luggage incl. of hand luggage, packed into soft bags. If you have a
hard suitcase, they will leave it behind.
If you have additional luggage, please inform us prior to travel and you
can pre-pay for this and we can pre-warn the airline.
The SAFARI Company will look after your bags in Nairobi if necessary.

Men’s & Women’s Clothing
Sunhat / Baseball Cap.
Windbreaker or waterproof jacket and a warm fleece / jacket.
2 other warm jumpers (day & night).
2 long sleeved light shirts for warmer areas (mosquitos).
4 short sleeved day-time shirts / T-shirts (for the day).
2 under tops for cold evenings or for hot days.
4 pairs of shorts, light trousers or jeans (for the day).
2 pairs of heavy trousers or jeans (for the evenings).
2 pairs of light evening trousers if travelling to warmer areas.
At least 4 sets of underwear.
Pyjamas (parts of the country can become cold at night).
A swimming outfit.  

Passport and visa (or exactly USD50 for your visa).
Travel insurance card/policy.
Credit card (Visa or MasterCard) and some US dollars.
Adapter for plugs (non-UK clients only).
Binoculars – one pair per person.
A small flashlight each. A nightlight if you do not like the dark.
Sunglasses & case.  
Spare glasses for those with contact lenses due to dust.
Razor (battery or hand, not electric).
Camera Equipment
Camera in a dust-proof and water-resistant camera bag.
Lens-cleaning brush and cloth.
Spare rechargeable batteries & Battery charger and adapter.
Spare memory cards / film (4 x what you imagine)


Luggage / Clothing Advice
Please remember to bring a shoe bag and waterproof /
dustproof bags for dusty and wet clothes. Non-plastic.
Crease-free, comfortable, ‘breathable’ clothes are suggested.
Layers are suggested for your safari, as temperatures vary
an hourly basis through the day.

Women’s Clothing
2 skirts to add to the shorts or trousers if needed (daytime).
Sun / beach dresses for the beach or a swimming pool.
Evening sun dresses for the warmer areas.
Swimming costume or bikini and a sarong.
A warm scarf or a Pashmina for chilly sundowners/evenings
Men & Women’s Shoes
Trainers or walking shoes for safari.
Sandals or flip-flops for your safari camp or the beach.

Toiletries (Men & Women)
High-factor sunscreen and after-sun lotion.
Toothbrush & toothpaste.
Face cleanser and a good face and body moisturiser.
Hairbrush, shampoo & a good conditioner.
Deodorant or anti-perspirant.
Lip balm & Eye drops.
Malaria prophylaxis.
Motion/air sickness pills.
Insect repellent and anti-itch cream.
Painkillers & Calpol for kids.
Mild handwashing detergent for underwear.
Hand-sanitising wipes
For Children:
Much the same, but add swimming shirts.
Plus their favourite snacks, books & activities for long journeys.

Please note that, due to limited power sources, most of the time
you will not be able to use a hairdryer.
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