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Getting To Know Us

Our staff's travel dreams.....

Getting To Know Us

Anne, our Safari Specialist who does all the great information documents:
1. First time I visited Funzi Island, I stayed at Funzi Keys, the ONLY hotel on the island, very cosy, quiet, exclusive and private.
2. The first time I had an outdoor shower under the sun at Olare Kempinski in Masai Mara  early this year. ...awesome!!
3. I would love to go on a 2 to 3 week African overland trip visiting Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda and Tanzania. The crowd seems mad fun, I would love to meet different people from different countries and I would love to see the different cultures and interesting destinations.
4. I would love to go on a hot air balloon ride during the migration season in the Masai Mara.
5. Bungee jumping.....I find it thrilling and would love to do it on Sagana River in Kenya before I grow old!

©Governors Camp

Chania, our MD:
1. Sitting with the gorillas in Bwindi, Uganda, when the silverback either fancied or hated (you never can tell when you’re a teenager!) my sister … ha ha ha!!! The gorillas then decided to come and sit outside my room all afternoon where I was staying.
2. Bungee jumping in Mossel Bay & Sky-diving in Durban, both in a week, in South Africa. To be honest, I hated them both at the time but am so proud I did them!
3. Swimming with dolphins on the island of Zanzibar, Tanzania.
4. My first ever view of Ngorongoro Crater, only three years ago. After hearing so much about the crater, mainly negative, I was literally awe-struck!
5. Morocco! I loved the shopping, the buildings, the food, the culture, the scenery, a truly beautiful country.

©Wildplace Adventures


Collins, our touring assistant:  
a. I would love to take a two to three day trip to Egypt purposely to visit the historical sites, in particular the Pyramids, do the most luxurious cruise on the Nile river I bet it would be a phenomenal experience.
b. I would love to do a hot air balloon ride in the Masai Mara.
c. I once visited Ol Pejeta and really had a wonderful time especially at the chimpanzee section;they are such interesting creatures, I believe it’s worth every penny getting there and exploring the wild.
d. I long to visit Rwanda, home to the Majestic creatures (Gorillas), whoa!! I have only seen them in movies and documentaries but I’d love to see them in real life.

©Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Clair, our US arm, although she's more than that!:
1. My favourite will always be putting up a luxury mobile camp in the middle of nowhere and making it just like home (with a few added extras). It's always a different experience for every set of clients and so sad to take it down at the end of the trip. I remember each and every trip and person.
2. I would love to go to Cape Town and do a wine tour, eat amazing food, climb Table Mountain and see Robben Island – just to hang out in a funky metropolitan African city.
3. Take a cruise down the Nile but colonial style!
4. I have always wanted to do a camel safari in the north of Kenya to experience our country on the ground and be exposed to all its natural sights and sounds.

©Karisa Walking Safaris

Hen, our Marketing Manager:
1. One of my most special memories I have since living in Kenya would be my time in the Masai Mara; spending a year with the local people who went from colleagues to friends. Spending weeks in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by wildlife, open plains and nature is the most rewarding, exciting and wholesome experience!
2. Spending Easter day galloping through the Chyulu Hills around Ol Donyo Waus whilst spotting giraffe and many other plains game all under the looming shadow of Kilimanjaro!
3. Working in an orphanage in Cape McClear, Malawi was a fantastic experience! Cycling through the sleepy, sandy fisherman village on my bike every morning and watching the locals carry out their morning chores. Playing with the children and exploring the beautiful shores of Lake Malawi!
4. Having only scratched the surface of the possibilities, experiences and travels to be had throughout this vast continent, my list is long! I would love to have a (safari decked out) Landcrusier and explore as much as possible from the north to the south by my own means with no constraints on time, the freedom to go where I ever I want and to stay as long as I want! It would be a real adventure!

©Great Plains Conservation

Jo – Our COO:
1. Sitting on Watamu beach watching the sunrise on New Year's day with my family & friends, stunning. I will never forget this amazing spectacle and the fun we had.
2. The Tamarind dhow trip around the north coast of Kenya, snorkelling and eating the most gorgeous sea-food.
3. Cape Point, which is 60km south of Cape Town on a winter's day. It was a spectacular sight, we saw breath-taking bays, waves crashing and rolling green hills, not to forget the baboons....
4. Camping in the Masai Mara in the middle of nowhere. With only the sounds of the hippos in the river and the lions passing close by our tents at night. I felt I was part of the animal world at last and very privileged to be so.
5. Staying at Rutundu log cabins, I could not believe this wonderful place on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. It is so wild with stunning mountain scenery and I will never forget catching my first fish in Lake Alice and cooking it later in our cabin, paradise.


Lilian, the General Manager of the Touring Department
1. The first time I went on a hot air balloon safari ride in the Masai Mara was amazing!!
2. The first time I did the glass bottom boat trip and snorkelling in Mombasa.
3. I would love to visit the Ngorongoro Crater –I have heard so much about the magical experience.
4. When I first experienced the "Maasai mock attack" while on a safari in the Masai Mara. Scary but very memorable.
5. I would love to go on a pilgrim to the holy land of Israel – my lifelong dream.

©Ngorogoro Crater Lodge

Richard: One of our Safari Specialists
1. I will never forget the day I was in Kampala in 2013, the city was painted pink, I stood in the middle of the street, I have never seen so many beautiful women, I texted Lilian about it as I was standing in the middle of the street!!
2. I climbed Mt. Kenya! I am proud of it, but in reality, it rained, I was bogged down with heavy luggage on my back, I was cursing, I was tired, wet and hungry!
3. I will never forget my very first true safari experience. Camping & exploring Ol Jogi Ranch in Laikipia was amazing, the ranch was enormous, loads of wildlife which peacefully blended in with the thousands of livestock on the ranch – the owner was kind enough to throw in a goat for the camping staff which we happily roasted amidst the excited hyena chatter that we could hear for miles.
4. My visit to Zanzibar. I was amazed by the culture, the people and the food especially Forodhani Gardens where every evening, the locals would come and prepare sumptuous meals along the beach serving fresh fish, mussels, octopus which by the way I gave a wide berth but was happy to eat my beef served on 'mushkaki', chicken and lots of huge potato chips.
5. I would love to visit and stay in a self-catering house on Watamu beach away from civilization.


“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” - Lao Tzu