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The Forgotten War

Remember the World as well as the War

The Forgotten War

John Worne, the British Council's Director of Strategy, said:

"Our research shows that the things we in the UK know and remember the most from the First World War are the harrowing images and iconic stories from the Western Front – and rightly so. But we shouldn't forget that the war touched many other parts of the world. Far more countries fought and were affected than we generally think. Even a hundred years later a person from the UK travelling for business or pleasure will find the war still influences the way people overseas view the UK. So knowing a little about the global reach of the conflict and its lasting effects will help anyone better understand and navigate the many different reasons people from other countries see us as they do."

The highest level of knowledge of any African involvement amongst the countries surveyed was about 20% in the UK and Germany, France was about 10% and within Egypt, India, Turkey and Russia it was only about 5%.
On average across the seven countries roughly 10% of the people surveyed knew of any African involvement in the First World War. However, the entire continent was involved as the Allied Powers attempted to seize the German colonies of Togo, Cameroon and South West Africa. The war in East Africa only ended in November 1918 with Germany's surrender and required troops and labour from all parts of the continent.
One of our favourite small places to stay in Kenya is Lions Bluff Lodge situated in LUMO Conservancy bordering Tsavo West National Park. This small community run eco-lodge has teamed up with historian and author of "Guerillas of Tsavo" James Wilson to conduct Forgotten War Tours in the Taita Taveta region of Kenya. Why not join them to explore the battlefields, forts and railways of the forgotten East African Campaign in the 'Great War' that altered the lives of millions of Africans and resulted in the complete redrawing of the map of Africa.

At the time, the soldiers called it 'fighting a war in a zoo'... Now, we call it 'history on safari'

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